Chorley (where ppl go to fight)

South EastSurrey

Ahhhhh chorley….im not saying its ****** but our town motto is be aware!!!! Honest it actually is! ha ha!

well, what can i say about this…place? Its chavtastic!

For your chavy clothing needs we have temptation (rather upset that its not still called chorley girl ha ha that was ace) This shop stores a lovely array of clothes to aid you in your slagging up for drinkin cider on the park. And its opposite claires accessories, which is always handy for earring so big they should have a budgie sat on em!
For the male ***** we of course have TWO crappy sports stores, opposite each other too, ooooooh gang warfare! Theres also the wonderous chorley market, its decreased in size quite lot from when i was little, but you can still find some bargain ***** on there, theres even a make up stall for you buy your knock off umpa lumpa orange foundation!

There is a bus station!!! Its amazing it has buses (if your lucky), its a great sight for tourists =D

Basically chorley is forking cwap!!!!

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