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Chingford, home of Walthamstow Dogs, Chingford Hall Estate and unfortunately myself. Come Saturday night ‘the dogs’ open and all the chavs rush for the popular entrance ‘only £3 blood’. A wide range of chav here, the Essex mum chav who hold one of her babies in arm, betting slips in other, with the other little chavvy kids running around her ankles, fag hanging from here mouth, so low that it might just burn the baby’s head, but that wouldn’t be bad anyway, it would go with all the other fag burns.

The little chav groups that have come straight from Chingford Hall Estate, there’s always a few white chavs and then there’s one black chav who dresses up like one of those american rappers and doesn’t really fit in with the McKenzie clad c***s he’s with. They aren’t allowed to bet so they hang around picking up used slips and shouting abuse at the dogs as if it would make any difference to them. ‘i’l fukn knock u out u slo c**t’.

During the day there’s always the odd modified car, they think it looks good but you cant help but point, laugh and shout, ‘Your cars still a Vauxhall shitty Nova, even with them s**t 17″ alloys’ Or if you don’t like to dignify them by using your own beautiful non chavvy voice then you can always wear the t-shirt.


The local chav ‘learning hole’ is Rushcroft School, all the chavs go there, it’s one of those schools which motto is ‘Oi blood, our school will beat your school up anyday’. Rather than learn anything they just fight all day and exchange ‘baby cakes’ ringtones for their 3310s. If you can’t get into Rushcroft (highly unlikely) then there’s always the originally titled Chingford School. You may have heard about it ‘Young asian boy is killed during school fight’ It may have been just boy, not asian, but I cant remember my self.

It’s not really that Chav filled unless you go on the estate, but 1 chavs too much for me, dirty c***s.

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