Chichester, the most superficial and snobbish town in Britain?

Living in Chichester
Living in Chichester

The most shallow, snobbish and superficial people in Britain live in dumps like Chichester on the South Coast, a place indescribably bad. Elsewhere in the UK the people are real, genuine  people and there are still independent shops. Chichester is just a dump full of chain shops and snobbish, arrogant, shallow idiots who are so far up their own arses they dare not blow their nose in case they fart.

They like to think of themselves as intelligent and superior to everyone else, that is why they just about all talk down to you and patronise other people. In fact they are no more, and usually less, intelligent than most people. Their stupidity is disguised, very poorly, by fake ‘posh’ accents which make them sound like even bigger arseholes than they are already.

The bullshit is astounding too. Nearly all of them lie about the next big property deal they are going to do which will net them a million, when in fact they are skint and washed up, let alone being big shot property developers which is what half of the ******* claim to be. They are inadequate and self-loathing, which is why they all seek to impress others with big talk about the money they are supposedly going to make but which never actually comes in because it is all a pack of lies.

How grim is your Postcode?

Then you get the washed up ex-public school reject losers, who were too thick to get any decent grades despite all the advantages they have received, so they end up in the Chichester area, braying snobbishly about this and that while all the time getting pissed and doing drugs, before getting off their fat arses and going out to do over the property of anyone they don’t like… ie the 95% of the general population who are more intelligent than them. Spot them wearing deck shoes with no socks, sailing smocks, pastel polo shirts with those horrid tailored knee-length shorts covering a pair of unbelievably ugly blotchy legs, and see the women with their lips curled into a sneer and wearing sunglasses on the top of their heads summer and winter. Oh, don’t park your car anywhere near any of their homes either. They will come out, bray arrogantly at you to go away, before the woman of the house charges out, goes berserk and kicks your car before opening your door, grabbing you and trying to drag you out. The arrogance of these people is unbelievable. This incident actually took place, so bad are the **** of Chichester. I can think of several similar incidents too.

Then you have the ****** morons from places like Leigh Park, who have got into a council house in the Chichester area and think they’re really special, and tell their neighbours their ancestors are Spanish noblemen and other similar *****. Pity they and their families are knuckle-scraping neanderthals with a combined IQ of about 35 who love attacking their neighbours and making the lives of others a misery by complaining about them at every opportunity for no reason at all other than the said others are more intelligent (not hard at all) and more personable.

No, Chichester is ****, full of aggressive loudmouthed losers, who love messing up other people’s lives.

Most of the towns listed here away from the South Coast are a hundred times better than Chichester, which should really be fenced off so decent people can’t go there, and left to stew in its own filth. They would prefer it that way anyway, they don’t like outsiders down there and the place is rife with racism, from gobby locals yelling about ‘sooties’ in the local pubs to mixed race families being run out of their homes by local intolerant racists.

Chichester, at least it’s not Bognor Regis.

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