Chichester, the haven of *****, fakes and shallow *******!

Read this rubbish penned on this ‘word on the street’ about Chichester. It’s an estate agents’ site and they won’t print my truthful account of life in Chichester… not surprising, since it is at variance with the image they like to project.

… Safe, with easy connections to London. South Downs and Goodwood 2 miles away, sea 4 miles. Heaven – who needs more!
Miss A Anderson

Safe is it, Miss Anderson? I was beaten up on several occasions by yobs who knew me and were jealous of me. I also could not sleep at night for fear of having my property vandalised by ex public school dimbos. The police would do NOTHING, because one of their dads was a local bigwig.

Easy connections? Rubbish, unless you want to go to Portsmouth. It’s cut right off from everything and is backward as a result.

Chichester is a fantastic place, the climate of fear which pervades the UK has not reared its ugly head …

No? Read the above. The place is a haven for yobs and conmen.

… People are open, honest and friendly. It’s also very well run; I have no objections to paying my council tax (even to a solid Tory seat), but please don’t put it up! It is also very pleasant to shop, socialise and move around

Open, honest and friendly? Nonsense. It’s closed, chilly and snooty. People are not open; they size you up and if you have less than a few hundred acres you can just piss off. The people there are snobbish thick w*nkers.

I’ve spent 24 yrs in Chichester and wouldn’t be settled anywhere else… It’s an amazing CITY (notice city in caps) and I recommend a day trip in to the heart of Chichester. Everyone who lives in Chichester has a friendly outlook on life. We now are the proud parents of Chichester University, a vast college with 2 sports centres. Chichester is a Roman city and full of history with our own set of roman walls and cathedral. We also have our own theatre and Cineworld along with Bowlplex, and 2 clubs – the nightlife is wicked… come and join us and try us out for yourselves

More rubbish, penned probably by an estate agent. I ‘tried’ it for years, too long, because i thought things could only get better, but they got worse, much worse. The place is full of ex public school thickos, whose arrogance is unbounded. Add to that the feudal Tory attitudes there, and you have a thoroughly awful concoction. Friendly? That’s a sick joke.

The place is an unmitigated dump. The people there are nasty, snobbish, racist and malicious.

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