This has got to be one of the worst places in Britain!

**** haunts;

Anglesey Arms, Halnaker
Horse and Groom, East Ashling
Itchenor Sailing Club

How grim is your Postcode?

These places are full of loudmouth ignorant losers who hate people more intelligent than them.

Also known as Shitchester, it is known as a ‘little’ city and it is ‘little’ in every sense, from its size to the tiny minds of its inhabitants. The place is full of arrogant, ignorant, thick ex-public school yobs who throw their weight about, hit people and patronise/talk down to anyone they meet. God alone knows why so many people want to live there… or do they? Could it be the arrogant ex-public school people who work for the local estate agents trying to talk up the place and hence their incomes?

Shitchester is about the most unfriendly place you will ever visit. Try to talk to people and you will be answered with hostility and maybe a smack in the mouth.

It’s full of ***** too; ex public school ******* with no brains who do drugs, get pissed all the time and who steal from their neighbours and employers. When caught out they will then go and attack their victims. They are ****.

It’s also full of whingeing, spiteful, malicious losers who get most pleasure from making someone else unhappy. They admit this too! They love nothing more than complaining. Shitchester is known as the whinge town of southernb England and with good reason.

If you want to enjoy life and are a decent person, avoid this nasty, unfriendly, spiteful little dump like the plague. Don’t even visit it. Just leave the nasty, insular, malicious little Tory-voting ******* who live their to stew in their own ****.

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