CHESTER…home of the not so subtle chav

CheshireNorth West

From beyond the city walls, chester appears to be a quaint pseudo tudor city. however, as you venture deeper into the heart of chester you pass Maccy-Ds, a bus stop, not to mention numerous shop doorways. here we find (in true david attenborough style!) the natural lurking ground of the city chav! a full range of the chav species is available for inspection in chester: those younger chavs who still haven’t malted out of their first set of burberry, right upto the fully grown adult chav resplendant in blue/red/green burberry…get me gun, its time to go a-huntin!

If it weren’t for these chavs, bikes wouldn’t get stolen, stella would have a good reputation, and the honest hoody would still be allowed in many pubs! however, the chester chav has probably contributed more than most to the rise of the chav culture: since when, ever has a twat in a burberry baseball cap lurkin in debenhams doorway been intimidating?

Get rid of the chester chav…please! they’re scum!!

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