Chesterfield, **** boy racer central

Living in Chesterfield

I’ve lived here for just over a year now and I hate it already. I live right near the town centre. Every other car is a ****** boy racer, revving it up and showing off to absolutely no one (genuinely deluded enough to look through their mirrors for attention thinking people actually care and enjoy their display or moron behaviour). Far too many silly boy racers and mopeds/motorbikes ruin this place alongside trampy ***** who swear loudly in public, spit on the floor and intimidate normal, quiet people trying to do their day to day duties.

The boy racers have to be the worst aspect, it’s such a pretty, small place to live and it’s just shrouded in horrendous noise, stupid screeching wheels and people driving in and out of carparks skidding and burning their tyres – WHY? Who are you trying to impress, stop spending your money (or mummy and daddys) money on ****** mods and buy an actual decent car worth your money and without annoying people.

The nightlife here is shocking, a strip of about 4 clubs, that are tiny, **** and full of little f*ckboys and trendy kids that follow the blogs’/instagram/topshop mannequin outfits. It’s like no one here has their own personality, they just copy everything, the police are a regular occurrence on Fridays and Saturdays – considering it’s such a tiny place.. it’s pretty bad.

How grim is your Postcode?

One of the worst places to live for noise in the UK, unbearable, can’t even open my windows at night when it’s hot because the noise is constant and that bad.