CheshireNorth West

Come to Chester to see the best **** **** inthe northwest, i have been spat at in the street and called just about all there mother could teach them.

Yes we have the some of the best, hoods, sock head, that is the one,s that put there shell bottoms in they socks and some good tramps too, like the one that pissed on the outher head in the car park and has i came home for work, i was treated to show. Ten tramps makeing love to a female tramp on the floor in a  underpass. it,s nice what you can see in a old Einglish town.

Well here,s to the ****,tramps,drugy’s and misfits, has they would say………what you looking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt.

P.s i have been robbed two times….nice place chester.

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