Chester le Street, County Durham

DurhamNorth East

Chester le Street is full of Charvas (the original ****), more so than any place i have ever visited in the UK. Feeding your 2 month old ratchild a Greggs pasty is the healthiest thing i have ever seen. Go to the job centre and have a right laugh, as young ratboys try to steal their Giro’s after they have discarded their cans of Carlinz at the door. Only Sunderland rivals Chester le Street (where the bible was translated into English no less) for the amount of 16 year old ***** and gangs of 40 or more charvas waltzing up and down ‘the street’. In fact, i’d say that 75 % of people seen around Chesta are charvas, of all ages, as the rich folk who live in the suburbs never seem to visit the place at all, which is a shame really as there are loads of **** charity shops and a shop selling playboy gear for the lasses.

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