Chester – Even the scallies are crap

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It is a fitting tome to Chester that even our chavs cannot compete with most others in the North West. Like the bars and clubs in the area, the scallies are nowhere near the scale and hardness of Merseyside or Manchester’s.
Having grown up here, I remember that they used to be intimidating, and that walking around town on a Saturday day or night could be scary indeed. To get along I used to have a good act of being one myself, in which I just had to say some of my classmates names to be safe wherever I went.

Now I have lost that but the scalls here have lost their toughness. They still dress like mugs and wanna abuse people but the full-on attitude has gone, they are basically just lost little tracksuit-wearers who are going to have a helluva shock when they turn 18, cant get a decent job and end up in a soul-destroying warehouse job where they realise their youth has ruined their chance to get out. Because I believe this is the age when they start to calm down and then realise that Chester is s**t and theyll struggle to escape.

But the funny thing is they arent even hard. The biggest threat walking round town now is out of towners, from the Port etc. I imagine most of the Chester scalls are at home by 10 wetting their beds after drinking too much shitmix.

I remember back in the day you could get seriously battered if you looked at someone the wrong way, now you go into somewhere like Rosies or Brannigans and if you arent a complete weirdo you can walk around like you own the place and not one of these scallies will say anything. In fact if you are bored you should try getting into a fight with one, you cant lose so youre ok.
What happened? If you are going to try and be a scally in somewhere with a posh reputation, if you dont do it properly you’re just gonna look stupid!

I lived in Manchester and Liverpool for a while and the scall atmosphere in those places is 10 times worse. But these people are actually hard people, who you know not to mess with, and most of the time they are too hard to be seen battering someone clearly not looking for it (like myself).

The Chester scall-set are clearly ridden with insecurities and feel the need to hassle and just generally annoy people for ciggies and 30p’s, its embarrassing. They should really think about getting their act together.
The fact that people from the Port can just stroll in and lord it all over town speaks volumes. Guys, they are coming here to shag your birds, cos they know you are soft!!

Sort it out!!!