Chesham, Bucks

Chesham is a lovely place, it has a park and a war memorial and… well its got a park. It is somewhat spoilt though by kev type peoples, a big favourite for them seems to be McDonalds and the surrounding area, i can think of nothing i’d like more than to spend all day outside McDonalds shouting at people… well torture at the hands of a sweaty fat man but other than that… These people can be found wondering around the chesham, some have cars aswell, although they aren’t customized enough in my opinion. So basically the town center is the place to find em, and chesham isn’t that big so you shouldn’t find it too hard.
The majority of the kev population in chesham is made up of little kevs, this saturday just gone for instance… I was on my way to the fusion gig(yes mother, rock music) on the way a young lad barely over 5ft, told me how he liked “grunge music” but wasn’t a “grunger”, he then reeled off the list of drugs he had consumed, LSD, draw, the list goes on, you will be happy to know that he has actually quit now though because “It **** u up, innit”. I arrived at my destination and moments later some young girls turned up, smoking, spitting and being very un-human like. They were good friends with some chaps who felt it neccesary to ride around the car park on a motorbike(cool guys) and referred to any older girl(who wasn’t of their species) as little girls, which provided much comic value for myself and my companions. The ring leader of the group also informed a friend of mine that “chesham is a kev town, **** off” which is why i thought it right that my place of residence should be on this list. There were various other incidents this saturday but none were particularly interesting. Luckily though. due to the young age of the chesham kevs, the majority have gone to bed by about 10pm, so my walk home was relatively undisturbed. Great site(s) by the way guys, will be buying a t-shirt soon.

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