Living in Cheltenham
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I moved to Cheltenham when I was 4, when my parents divorced. I was raised by my mum with my brother. My mum somewhat recently came to the UK from Russia. Her university degree meant nothing here, so we moved where most new immigrants to Cheltenham go. Hesters Way. Hesters Way has a well known reputation around Cheltenham as a problem area. It has the same crime rate as some of the roughest places in Salford and Longsight. It is the stereotypical “chav” area. We lived in a council house next to 9 polish illegal construction immigrants. Our house was commonly stolen from. Around the time we moved the “blocks” in Hesters Way were being demolished. The only blocks in all of Cheltenham. This brought even more housing problems, as once we moved it took 3 years of waiting to get an acceptable council house. I.E not a half destroyed flat next to a crack den.

Next was Charlton kings. If you asked me now which I preferred most I would say Hesters Way. Charlton Kings is the exact opposite to Hesters Way. it was filled with posh, middle class, xenophobic liberals who would always smile and wave at you, but would secretly be calling you a c*nt behind your back. It’s a disgusting place, filled with boring people who have way too much money. The kids wear £120 designer track suits and talk and act like they’re from an estate. It is a truly disgusting place. It’s horrible.

Finally after waiting for a couple years we got a house in Whaddon. The nicest of the council estates in Cheltenham. While being the nicest council estate, it is still an estate. Burglaries, muggings and even shootings are common place.

Cheltenham has over time, gone from a place with a clear middle and lower class, to a tacky town.. The council estates kept to themselves and the posh places kept to themselves. But over time things have come to make a tacky town. The designer stores became poundworlds. The posh kids wear tracksuits and the poor kids where designer clothing. It’s still a horrible place and I would never go back even if you paid me.

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