Hester’s Way in Cheltenham is home to some serious pond life. In the Edinburgh Square shopping precinct you can find the holy trinity of ‘C**v’ retail therapy in a row – Greggs, Farmfoods and a Cheque Centre instant cash shop. The local Oompa Loompas can then nip round the corner to the Consol Suncenter to top up their instant tan.

Cheltenham is the most racist place I’ve ever found in England. I worked there for about 18 months and regularly heard the words ‘c**n’ and ‘n*gger’ bandied about in the office.

The town is home to a ludicrous bunch of pricks who call themselves the ‘Cheltenham Volunteer Force’.These bell ends have set up their own website with Lacoste and Stone Island logos and of course the obligatory Burberry check background. The CVF even dared to take on the mighty Rushden Diamonds firm on their own patch. One of them managed to work out how to work
the camera to capture the big day out:

When they’re not masturbating furiously over Danny Dyer they like to indulge in serious political debate. You can find links to the BNP and English Defence League if you wait long enough for the pages to download (web design is a difficult skill to master when your knuckles scrape along the ground).

By: Olly C

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2 Responses to “Cheltenham”

  1. I left Hesters Way over 40 years ago, thinking I would do better in Southend, how wrong can you be, next year this old lady is coming home,I’m looking forward to it, if anybody out ther remembers Joan Coates from the Whaddon Estate and later Hesters Way, please get in touch via this website…..would love to hear from you.

    • southender2388

      Lol,I was born in Cheltenham, moved to Southend and was there most of my life ! 30 yrs of it any way. I came back to Cheltenham and dislike the racism which is extremely prevalent ,the ritalin culture ,the fighting ,the backwardness, the hate which seems to be oozing from the people ,its like its inbread ! I am now on my way out of here, not a place to come if you have goodlooking daughters’ as they will be beaten up at every opportunity, that’s by males as well as females ! Police are so lenient they just give out a pen and paper to write a sorry note.. That’s to the adults !!!
      It has 2 divisions ,upper and lower class but take away the money and both are the same breed ! It oozes puss. Stay away at all costs ,maybe it might just become abit more multi cultural and change for the better but it is a century off just like its about 30 yrs begin the times….