cheetham hill

Greater ManchesterNorth West

watch your step when walking through this hole
i had the misfortune to do so the other day and after enjoying the leisurely stroll up the road from strangeways prison i soon entered bedlam as i walked across the well designed council estate.

drug addicted prostitutes stand alongside the outraged religious loons (who make up 75% of their custom)
your typical ****/ned/ratboy. i prefer to call them scrotes reign supreme here.
the cliched black nike leisurewear,scarves over the lower half of the mouth,presumably to hide the appalling dental hygiene. yo,yo,yo innit asian badboys in souped up toyota celicas,ringed bmw’s and then the white scrotes on their quadbikes
Some of you delight in stating how little fear these arseholes inspire in you.well,i myself do feel intimnidated around cheetham hill.its the kind of place you get stabbed for “giving cheek” avoid.

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