CO16 8BS, Saint Johns Road - What you need to know

Essential quality of life statistics for postcode CO16 8BS, Saint Johns Road; crime hotspots, wages, unemployment, sickness & more
Essential quality of life statistics for postcode CO16 8BS, Saint Johns Road; crime hotspots, wages, unemployment, sickness & more

If you are thinking of moving to Saint Johns Road or anywhere in the CO16 8BS postcode, you’ll want to know what the area is really like, not estate agents telling you what you want to hear. On this page we give you the information no one else publishes. You are not going to find out who the local councillor is here, but you will find out if the area is a street crime hotspot or a ghetto of unemployment or if living in CO16 8BS postcode is likely to send you on a downward spiral of ill health. The information everyone wants to know before moving home. It might save you staking the place out of night to see if Saint Johns Road kicks off after dark with anti-social behaviour and your down time is constantly interrupted by the sound of Police sirens as they race to the 10th reported crime in the street that day.

Where possible, why try and present statistics down to the Local Super Output Area (LSOA) level or local district council level if not possible. This is the smallest area for which the government publishes statistics. It is roughly equivalent to around 1500 people or a few roads. We use the ‘best fit’ LSOA that includes the CO16 8BS postcode and the roads surrounding Saint Johns Road. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see just how bad CO16 8BS really is!

CO16 8BS - The Most Useful Information

Nothing provides an snapshop of the Saint Johns Road area quite like the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation. These government statistics published every two years give home buyers and movers an insight into what the area is really like from the quality of the environment to the likelihood of being a victim of crime. We have taken the raw data for the LSOA that includes CO16 8BS and applied the traffic light colour code system , providing you with a quick at-a-glance overview of the vicinity.
Overall Deprivation Decile
Deprivation Domain
Education, Skills & Training
Health & Disability
Barriers to Housing & Services
Living Environment
Child Income Deprivation
Source: English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (2019)

Health Statistics: Your wellbeing in CO16 8BS, St. Osyth

If you are thinking of moving to the Saint Johns Road, you'll want to know if the area is salubrius or will put you on a downward spiral of ill health.

How residents rated their own health

In every UK Census there is a question for respondents to rate their health with the options of very bad, bad, fair, good and very good. We have taken the overall number of respondents in and converted the results into percentages.
Source: UK Census 2011

Your health in compared to residents in Colchester, Maldon, Ipswich

These statistics measure the likelihood of premature death and the impairment of quality of life through poor physical or mental health, lovely!
Source: English Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019

Crime Statistics: Is CO16 8BS a street crime hot spot?

We taken the 100 nearest incidents from the centre of the CO16 8BS post code from the Police database and plotted them on a map, so you can see if there are any crime hotspots in or around Saint Johns Road. The data provided by the Police does not have the exact address of the incident to protect people's privacy. Therefore the clusters on the map in or around Saint Johns Road can be for one or multiple addresses in that road.

Crime Incidents around CO16 8BS in the last quarter

We have taken all the crime incidents within a mile of CO16 8BS in the last quarter so you can see if crime in on the increase or decrease. Apart from the number of incidents in total, we have also shown the incidents or anti-social behaviour and violent crime separately. This is because anti-social behaviour is usually the most prevalent but minor and violent crime covers so many offences from common assault to murder and therefore, is one of the most prevalent categories.

Likelihood of being a victim of crime in CO16 8BS

The English Indices of Deprivation statistics has a crime category. This category measures the risk of personal and material victimisation at the LSOA level. So being assaulted, mugged or burgled in layman’s terms in your own neighbourhood. We have taken the 'best fit' LSOA for CO16 8BS and the Saint Johns Road area and compared this location with the rest of St. Osyth. This is helpful if you want to move to St. Osyth but want to avoid the more crime blighted roads. The ranks are out of 32,844 LSOA areas in England.
LSOA Name Rank

Tendring 018D

Beach Road, Bishops Drive, Broadstrood, Brook Vale, Bypass Road, Castle Way, Chapel Lane, Clacton Road, Clinton Close, Club Parade, Cockett Wick Lane, Daltes Lane, Deeping Walk, Golding Way, Johnson Road, Kincaid Road, King's Close, Lakeside Oaks, Lilac Avenue, Links Road, Lodge Farm Lane, Longfields, Maypole Drive, Meadow View, Newton Gardens, Newton Way, Old School Close, Park Road, Priory Close, Rochford Road, Rose Gardens, Seaview Road, Seawick Road, South Close, Spring Road, St Clairs Road, St Cleres Hall Lane, Stanmore Way, Third Avenue, Wall Street, Wigboro Wick Lane, Willow Avenue, Withrick Walk,

Tendring 011E

Allen Way, Alpha Road, Beacon Heights, Beacon Way, Colne View, Colne Way, Cow Lane, Cruce Way, Dairy Farm Meadow, Dumont Avenue, Eastern Promenade, Greenland Grove, Kestral Court, Lee Wick Lane, Lydia Drive, Mersea View, New Way, Norman Way, North Wall, Oakmead Road, Point Clear Road, Saxon Way, Seaview Terrace, Western Promenade

Tendring 013C

(includes CO16 8BS)
Addis Road, Ashstead Close, Bisley Close, Bluehouse Avenue, Blyford Road, Bretten Close, Brockham Close, Burgate Close, Cavendish Drive, Clare Way, Cloes Lane, Constable Avenue, Cross Road, Dresden Square, Flixton Close, Glover Close, Grier Way, Harpers Way, Holmwood Close, Jaywick Lane, Legerton Drive, Lewis Road, Linstead Close, Little Clacton Road, Mayford Way, Melton Close, Mychett Close, Nicholls Way, Potter Close, Powell Close, Purley Way, Rouses Lane, Saint Johns Road, Salmon Close, Schofield Close, Shelley Road, Southwold Way, Stonham Avenue, Thorndon Close, Warnham Close, Waterworks Drive, Weekes Close, Woodbridge Grove, Wordsworth Way

Tendring 018E

Bentley Road, Botanical Way, Church Square, Clay Lane, Colchester Road, D'Arcy Road, Earls Hall Drive, Fanny's Lane, Flag Hill, Frowick Lane, Heath Road, Highbirch Road, Honeypot Lane, James Gardens, Manfield Gardens, Mill Street, Nassau Road, Norman Close, Park Chase, Rectory Road, St Clair's Drive, The Bury, The Quay, Tunstall Close, Wick Lane

Crime in CO16 8BS compared to surrounding towns

The aim of the section is to compare CO16 8BS with and the surrounding towns. Often comparisons between CO16 8BS and other areas of St. Osyth do not give a broad enough comparison to be useful, especially if Saint Johns Road is in a general high crime areas, such as town centre. Thankfully Saint Johns Road is not in the worst crime LSOA in all the surrounding towns.

There were 126 street level crime incidents in the Policing neighbourhood that covers St. Osyth in June 2022

Unemployment Statistics & Jobs in CO16 8BS

Since the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) the Department for Work and Pensions no longer publishes statistics on the percentage of working age people in an area that are unemployed and seeking work. It is almost if they don't want you to know the true level of joblessness... However, the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation 2019 (IoD2019) has a measure of people 'involuntarily' out of work in the LSOA that includes Saint Johns Road. Although this statistic contains those who are jobless because of illness or disability, it is a good indicator of the general level of unemployment in an area. Here we will compare the rank for Saint Johns Road (CO16 8BS) to the average rank in the rest of St. Osyth, and the surrounding towns. The rank is out of 32,844 LSOAs in England.

Universal Credit (UC) Statistics in and around CO16 8BS, St. Osyth

Although Universal Credit (UC) is a in and out of work benefit, it is a good indicator of the levels of unemployment and crucially as we move to a 'gig economy', under employment in Saint Johns Road. The Department for Work & Pensions typically publish UC count figures 6 months in arrears.
Source: Department for Work & Pensions August 2020

Wages Statistics: How much can you expect to earn in CO16 8BS?

Every year the Office of National Statitics (ONS) publishes its labour market survery. Amongst these statitics is how much gross weekly pay you can earn on average in any local district council area. is ranked 195/314 local district councils in England, from the highest down to the lowest average weekly gross pay.
Source: Office for National Statitics (Nomis) April 2020
Source: Office for National Statitics (Nomis) April 2020

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