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Despite being nextdoor to the third richest ward in Birmingham, Ladywood is a poor, drug filled and prostitute infested hell-hole situated close to the city centre. Let’s start on the "west-side" of B16…

St. Vincent Street used to be a busy and cheerful little road which a green grocery, laundrette, mini-market, bakery and primary school. But now its a row off assorted greasy take-aways, off-lisence and a bookies. And as for the school, pfft, half the students speak little or no English. Then you have the gangs of "Yardee’s" loittering on the corners, intimidating any caucasian person to walk by.

Moving on to the newer part of Ladywood. The new houses are an improvment, as is the Broadway Plaza complex. If only it wasn’t filled with scummy little chavs screaming like loons and fighting like dogs. Watching a film in the cinema is an unpleasant expirience, with pop-corn flying around and teenagers schreeching. And Bowlplex is a whole new story, with its arcade packed to the brim with little chavettes jumping around, shaking their non-existance backsides on the dance mats, and boy-racer wannabes smashing up the racing games when the loose.

Moving around to my area now, you get the true chavs. With their mix-match goldplated jwellery and tacky fake tracksuits they really are a sight. Whether they are starting arguements with their elders or blasting out crappy music on their stolen mobiles, they annoy to the fullest extent. Most smoke weed regularly and are rarely seen with out a fag hanging out their mouths. The worst thing is that the white chavs thing they are black. They try to speak patwa in the most annoying way and even think they are going to get laid at any moment, resulting in them carrying condoms in their socks, and thats not just the boys.

Prostitutes roam the streets as soon as the clock strikes 10. After work they find their dealer and get their supply of bud, crack and other crap ready to shovel it into their rancid little bodies. And if they cant get their money off men, they beg for it on the streets using mad-cap excuses for borrowing money such as, "I need 3 quid for a daysaver to see my daughter in hospital ‘cus shes got cancer and its my birthday and my mom died when I was 5, and I had to have a Ceaserian section and i live with my uncle". Yes, this was all said on ONE occasion

Lastly you have the posh bit of Ladywood, where the worst thing you get it smashed up T.V’s on every street corner. But on Ladywoods standards thats imaculate. 

So, to save you some hassle, don’t come to Ladyoowd unless you want to be plauged by trampy skets and peed off by mini-chavs.

Jade, 14, Ladywood

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