***** Need To Be Stopped

South East

I have grown up in Rainham for the past 18 years and have witnessed much **** behaviour. I believe I have found the cause of the infection spreading, it is public schools. When I went to school (The Howard school in Gillingham) it was “cool” to be a ****, e.g be as rude as you can to teachers and **** up as many people as you can (mostly in groups against an individual) to look “hard”. I often wondered why I never seemed to fit in with the “coolest boys” now I am GLAD I didn’t. I now have a pizza delivery job as I am at college and deliver to the main **** areas Strood, Rochester, chavham and Gillingham (aka brown town). I am constantly bothered by ***** and can’t understand why just because I have a job. Why do people have no morales any more, no pride you have so called cool 21 year olds ******* around with groups of 15 yr olds because nobody who is 21 likes them yet they consider themseles cool. The main aim of a young girl these days is to become pregnant of any man so she can live off the social and not work. People need to unite against the **** surely there is more of us than there are of them they are just organised. Why these days if someone is attacked by a group of ***** for no reason or being robbed do people not do anything? If we helped eachother against the **** we would disinfect our land we worked so hard for and showed so much pride in not too long ago but things just get worse and action NEEDS to be taken!!! Am I the only one who gets depressed by living near these people who devalue the homes we live in and make just feeling safe walking down the street impossible. WE NEED TO STOP MAKING JOKES OF IT AND START CLEANSING IT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

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