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Chavs first it was Spain then Greece now they are spreading their filthy little wings further abroad they are invading countries faster than the German blitzkrieg of ww2 who by the way gives out passports to these chavs they should have vetting system like they have on asylum seekers or give them once only use passport to Iraq or Afghanistan but would you wish the chavs on these people I am sure they have enough problems already without imposing chav culture on them.

I am a long time visitor of Thailand I have expat friends living there and Thai friends I visit a  few times a year and I have noticed the last two years CHAVS have started to holiday there how do they get the money to fly to Thailand  it is not cheap unlike the fake gear they wear. I just want to recount an incident that happened in January of this year. Two mockney chavs was in a bar that I frequent they were extremely drunk and being general twats so the owner asked them to leave he got the usual verbal response “f**k off ya ole twat” till we stood up and made them leave i.e. we through them out of the bar they then went into a bar down the street and proceeded to beat up a 65 year old man who was on holiday with his wife now that in Thailand would not normally get you into a lot of trouble with the  police as the local police just leave farrangs  to sort out there own troubles( farrangs is the Thai word for western people ,but after they so bravely beat up the old man the two idiots who I found out later had only been in Thailand for two days ,decided to go on a wrecking spree this required more defenseless targets such as CARS  one of the main targets for beer fueled chavs. Well they made one big mistake A very serious error in judgment you do not f**k about with a Thaïs property they got arrested for smashing up two cars one belongs to the local mafia one some rich Thai who owns a lot of bars shops etc etc and charged with assault on the old boy now the judicial system in Thailand is not the fastest in the world so they will probably spend about two years in the monkey house (a notorious Thai jail) before they even get to trial but by then the damage is done because if they do get a light sentence, the two little scuts will have already acquired a bigger sentence  after being shagged up the arse by some lifer who is HIV positive  plus lets not forget the local Thai mafia guy whose car they damaged I am sure he will have a few members of his” KREW” in the jail and I don’t think he will be to inclined to let them get away with it .so I think that’s two less chavs to worry about for a while anyway. If not permanent.  As they say in Thailand mai pen ria krap (no problem) .Oh by the way the old boy that was beaten up he is ok.

                                                             Check bin krap simmi

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