ChavMecca – Butlins and Skegness

If Billy Butlin had a crystal ball back in 1936 when the Butlins camp at skegness opened i’m sure the man would have found alternative uses for his money – developing the condom or the low cost airline way ahead of its time perhaps???

i had the misfortune to work there myself a few summers ago while saving to go to uni, the “town” of skegness is for scallies what the pope is to catholicism. The Holy Grail of chavdom. Fights, arguing, rejects of society f*cking other such equivalents with the same depth of feeling as rabbits have for each other. I have since concluded that if weapons of mass distruction are ever found in Iraq they should be unleashed on butlins thats for sure!

a few weeks after i left there i was reading the local newspaper back at home and there was a story about some scutter who had gone to skegness butlins on holiday, got totally tanked up one night, met a lad working there who was from one of the sink estates of my home town, did the deed and then accused him of raping her. It went to the crown court and the case was thrown out. Nobody is raped at butlins!

How grim is your Postcode?

Fake designer wear and tracksuits looking more like pyjamas are available at eastgate market in plentiful supply just up the road in Ingoldmells, the home of fantasy island (to avoid). nobheads galore day and night. had to walk past there one day and saw a bloke who must have been 40 handbrake turning a Rover 800 in the middle of the street, nearly crashing into the side of a roadcar bus which was just coming up the street outside fantasy island. then getting out of the car yelling at the bus driver to “f*ck off you f*cking ****” as though it was his fault. but there were loads of scallies ******* around staring the bus driver out as though they would all suport their fellow ******* if it came to a “ruck”.

plus the usual clapped out ***** old escorts, fiestas without MOT and novas galore all being driven equally recklessly having half a wardrobe stuck on underneath the bumper and the exhaust nicked from an old double deck bus with the deluded inhabitants thinking this will attract “birds” – ironic how they have seagulls not pigeons in “skeggy” – the pigeons (human ******) are the visitors!

I saw one nova all done up with body kit and sprayed dark blue – it looked in fair condition, but the owner had nicked the big cat from a jaguar and stuck it on the bonnet! like you would ever get them confused…f*cking retards!
Anyone who wants to “****-spot” well this place pulls them in from far and wide. You wont be disappointed. Skegness is so bracing – for ***** at least.

To the East of England Government office – I and most of civilised society say that land is at a premium!! Can’t something be done about this chronic waste of space?? the ice caps are melting – the ocean will need extra capacity!! if this area is bulldozed won’t this help to ease the fear of flooding???

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