Chav village of Northiam east sussex

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Hi i live a mile or so away from the  once attractive village of Northiam which is on the Kent east sussex border. Northiam use to be a very nice and attractive village untill about 5 years ago when a new sort of breed of people started appearing around the village which we reffer as Chavs. Since these shall we call people moved in  there was a sudden increase of burglary,drugs,vandalism,fighting and other anti-social behaviour.This is very surprising as out of about 600 people who live in the village only about 40 of them are chavs.These are the biggest chavs around Northiam some of these people are part of the so called chav gang Da Norviam massive: Luke Lawence (MAIN CHAV) Kerrian.D,Luke.D,Lee(likes 2 call himself abbs)and Gavin to name a few.Yes we know ur names but u dont know us.Anyway this is my nomination to a chav town and i would like to say to all chavs reading this do your worst u pathetic little s***s and do yourselves a favor and just die.

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