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I think its a Northern thing ( tell the world if it is’nt) but surely no one could possibly think GEORGE at ASDA clothing is any way cool, good or classy. That slave made cheap diluted copies of aging fashion are designed to fall to bits. The folk that buy at Goerge have had their Chav like brains radiated by an imagination removing plutonium ! We must all look the same, we must all look the same !

And Why do Chavs always talk about , Ringtones !! argghh who cares ! and why do they talk about TV Shows , quote adverts, and always watch the worst TV in the world!

Why do they, however unclassy they are , only dream about holidays in hotels? and why do they always say , ‘what was the hotel like, what was the food like?’ to any  returning sunburnt work colleauge ! How come they purposefully avoid anything political, have no knowledge on anything of any interest or worth , yet think they can bore you with their shallow un thought about ideas ! arrghh  they would never say’ what was the culture like? How democratic is the nation? What is the environmental record of the Government etc?
does Chav also mean , total airhead dull and devoid of any interest in the world. Global Warming, pah , I’d rather talk about Ringtones, The ( so called ) war against terror , No , Lets talk about Ringtones, Globalisation as a way of destroying individuality, No lets talk about Ringtones, and the list goes on !
Are Chavs though the obvious product of a bland meaningless commercial global materialistic world! Or are they just a breed apart? I believe that mrs Thatcher was a ChaV She started it all, No Class , thick , money orientated, pointless. Ho Hum. Please God, save us from Chav Culture.
Once upon a time The ‘ Working Class’ had solidarity caused and supported by the Unions, a healthy disrespect for the bosses and a solidarity to help each other etc. Now its Solidarity in shopping, and a bonding in crap labels. It really is Chavvy to buy practically anything you don’t need in this country !

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