Chatham…eurgh chatham…

KentSouth East

Chatham…as many other sane people have said, is the heart of the **** world. its like disneyland for them. if incest wasnt the case ***** would not have ever come about and our lands would be free of there termoil and there sposed ability of being “streetwise”….whatever thats meant to mean :S. oh they are so lovely,just as i was walking down the highstreet with a few friends we all got politely attackd by a hord of about 2000 15 stone *********,who hit us with belts and various other implimants…aswell as blinding us with there peroxide hair, which resulted in lots of cuts and bruises on our side,many other incidents have since then occured…people boyfriends being volentarily and randomly punched whilst walking around the highstreet…but does anyone ever try and stop the many miscreants on there path to world domination? if u ask me they should build a wall around the town remove sounds p and all sane people and stick all the “mingers” in there! for the rest of eternity.

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