chatham o’ ancient town of c***s

KentSouth East

I can confirm that Chatham may possibly be the birth place of the c**v phenomenen..i know for a fact c***s have been around for at least 8 years there as i used to know some! (now hang on….i’m not saying i was one but i did have “friends” who were!)

Alas the trend that has ruined this area and blighted the high streets of medway has been around much of my youth. I thought it would fade and die eventually but even now when i come back from uni and make the mistake of “shopping” in chatham, there are still people insisting on wearing those bloody gold clowns!! (as well as the jogging bottoms with writing on the bum and burberry caps!)

My best memory of a c**v (who shall remain nameless) was a certain young lady i knew (a few years back now) who insisted on wearing a vile lime green and black kappa tracksuit, with massive gold earrings down to her shoulders (with those hideous diamond balls on them), gold clown necklace, reebok classics, hair scraped back on top of her head and foundation an inch thick! Now she was a proper c**v!!!

I’m so proud to come from here!!! (and i’ll be moving away soon)

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