Chatham, Kent

KentSouth East

to start off, the word **** basically originated from chatham, as in the ‘Chatham ****’.
you think of kent as a nice place, and it is, and medway also has its nice areas (mostly in the countryside) .. chatham is a dive! walking through the high street you meet a variety of people ranging from the cast of The Only Way Is Essex and Vicky Pollard.
its quite fun to be honest, if your ever bored with nothing to do.. take a trip to chatham high street.. 10 year old mothers.. 90 year old crack heads.. and of course the usual nutcases that every town has. we even got hit by the riots.. they were not protesting anything they just got bored so they set wickes scrap bins on fire. The kids are anything from 7-29 and their all either smoking, drinking or pissing someone off, you feel vulnerable and intimidated.
You’ll get threatening looks from people when you get your purse or phone out, as if they’re going to jump on you.
I will never stereotype anybody from medway but some of the people who hang around in chatham are filth, you see them all ******* around outside the job centre half-cut or high as a kite, stealing from the shops from as young as 8. groups of people of any age purely out for a fight and not enough police to go around.
Medway can be lovely, ive lived in cliffe woods/cliffe and hoo all my life and its nice but chatham and gillingham are given us southerners a bad name.
By: chloe hughes

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