Ahhh, Chasetown. This place really is home to the ****, stig, bazza etc. Currently a great place for the spotting of the **** is the bowling green. Now when the schools are out (so the 20 something ***** can spend more time with their 14 year old girlfriends) and the days are hot you can see many fine examples lying on the green. The male often to be seen here wearing both ice white trainers and shorts with cap balanced on head, showing to the world their slickly white bodies decorated with the highest quality Argos gold. Cider bottles and chip-shop papers litter the picture nicely. When the older members of the community come the use the green, the ***** let flow with colourful and thought provoking language before retiring the benches along side the hurl more abuse at the players as the game continues. Another favourite past time of these ***** is also the throw stones and bottles over the fence onto passers-by and cars, shouting and laughing as they do so. Truly pure pond life ****.

Down Queen street you can also find more wonderful examples, if your visiting bring a camera. Parked outside their stiggy houses in their crappy Novas and Saxos, attracting the fine attentions of brain dead, under-age female *****. Walking past here you can expect insults consisting of one word (eg ****) and to be called ‘sad’ and also be told how much better their max power D reg Nova is than anything you drive. Loud dance and hip-hop music aplenty.

Queens the chip shop and guests are THE place to be on a night if you’re a ****. Where better to scare old people and hurl abuse at people just getting chips or a bottle of wine? Walk past here and get the pleasure of being asked by a **** to buy him/her a pack of 10 Richmond cigarettes and then get abused when you decline. Its fun, fun, fun!

How grim is your Postcode?

Pubs used and rated by the **** here are mainly the Miners Rest and The Swan. ***** here will be ******* around the pool room areas, trying to look menacing for no particular reason while trying to fill a glass with the Ice Dragon they brought in with them. Sometimes you will also get ***** ******* around the Cottage of Content after the rock night has finished. They will jut stand there, staring a people as they leave. They never quite get the courage up to shout as some big guys go there. I do believe that a group of 5 ***** did **** someone up a while back tough. Rock hard *****.

Well that’s it, cant think of anything more at the moment. If you live in chasetown or know of it, let me know if I’ve missed something of ****-ness.

Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021
Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021