Chalfont St Peter

BuckinghamshireSouth East

I don’t live there personally, but after walking about there after
21.00 I know what its like. The worst thing about Chalfont St Peter is
that its not just a **** hang out, its also where all the emos go too.
So there’s fights regularly.

I once went there to hang out with the emos, as you do, just as bad as
***** I might add, boozing, all that **** on the common. First off, I
don’t do dope, this **** in a pimpmobile comes past and demands weed,
then says he’s gonna meet me and **** me by the shop, but nevermind, as
this never happened as he never went to the shop by the common. This is
where all the ***** also happen to hang out, I don’t think the alpha
male was too happy about it, so they waited in the woods until every
person with a fringe was steaming drunk. The ***** started throwing
vodka bottles, so all the drunk emos got all pissed off and were trying
to prove their dominance by saying they’d all fight and ‘blapse the
***** up,’ which was really quite funny to watch.

They ran around shouting like arseholes for about half an hour, trying
to find the ***** in the small patch of woods on the common (which also
may I add is a drinking and drugs hotspot for *****). About an hour
later the emo’s are still shouting, trying to be hard, then the *****
come running out of the woods and all the emos run off screaming and
get beaten the living **** out of, at this point I was safely in the
car, but I’m damn glad I didn’t get involved.

Chalfont St Peter is a **** ********, but is also an emo ********, but
allegidly Watford is the new place to be for emos in Cassiobury park,
sounds like a right rave. Fun fun.

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