East AngliaEssex

far far farrr away from its friendly church sounding name you have the real chadwell-st-mary a town that looks like a friendly place but has been home to some of essex and east londons most noutorious villians the pub the cross keys known for violence and drink abuse often has young ***** ******* around outside as there is a chipshop next to it and an offlicence you may often find young kids askin you to buy them drink or **** in that area and some might say do it or you will regret it as these kids really dont give a s**t the main road which cuts up the town is brentwood road the houses may look nice on this road but look behind them and you enter a concrete jungle filled with stabbings gun crime and often drug abuse the kids of the area are safe to enter but any outsiders as they are called get hassled for there phones and money sometimes even their clothes.

when first entering this area be aware of everything as nothing is what it seams first opinions of the area may be a humble village but its grave exterior is nothing compared to what it holds beneith.
when coming to this town be careful and be very aware…

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Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021

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