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What can I say? The fact that Chadwell Heath is situated slap bang in the middle of Romford, Dagenham, Ilford and Seven Kings is enough really. It’s like a gathering place for all the lowest forms of human beings that exist, the chavs.

The most common type round here is the 15 year old “gangsta” wannabe, decked out in hideous tracksuits, Von Dutch caps and ridiculous jewellery. They are also accompanied by chavvy slapper types…velour tracksuits, the revolting moveable-clown necklaces and the absurd wigga hairstyles are the norm in this dump.

Their favorite gathering place, apart from various parks where they have fun shouting out comments to any non chavs and then kicking footballs at them, is Romford Ice Rink. They flock here every Friday night in their droves, where they then indulge in a couple of hours standing at the edge of the rink…the boys grabbing girls arses and the girls popping backwards and forwards to the (scummy) toilets to reapply copious amounts of orange foundation.

Romford Ice Rink burnt down a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, no chavs were trapped inside.

Chadwell Heath is an extremely crap place to live. Me and my friends cannot wait until we are old enough to get the hell out of here.

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