Catford is the most wonderful place one could live in. The people are utterly delightful and the friendliest I have yet to meet. I am truly flabbergasted that the houses are inexpensive as my friend Tarquin and his brother Henrick purchased a 2 bedroom house for a mere four-hundred thousand. And with the loose change he had left over he acquired a garage for roughly the same price. Ohh the theatre (as my mind ponders) now there’s a place to visit. I’ve watched many a play and have been privileged to go ‘Behind the Scenes’ to meet the thespian’s. The restaurant’s are a culinary delight. The A-la-cart menus are succulent to one’s divine’s palate and I would absolutely without a shadow of a doubt eulogise the fact that any person with an ounce of dignity would move to the glorious city of Catford.

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