Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East, Surrey, United Kingdom

I live in Caterham. I ahve my whole life.
The Chavs are EVERYWHERE. Down my road, next door, sitting in the car park of Tesco, infesting the Skate Park no less. At 2 in the morning, the high-pitched squeal of a moped can be heard screeching it’s way through the town at 20mph. They walk around in hordes of horribly unflatteringly ugly clothes that gives you a good impression of their attitudes to life – “don’t care, as long as I look my ‘mates’ and spent £300 on a fake gold chain”.
Chav culture – one example, a chav on his pedal bike riding on the pavement. My friends were standing on the pavement, waiting for another to come out the newsagent. This chav had the nerve to screech to a halt next to one of my friends and demands that he moves out the way. Firstly, he’s on a bike that should be on the ROAD, secondly he didn’t even ask nicely. He thinks it’s funny to start on my friend. Wisely, we start to leave, but this chav isn’t having any of it. We go past a pub as this chav is effing and blinding at the top of his voice. To make things worse, about 40 odd chavs make their way out the pub and start to follow him. Some older people try and calm this guy down,a nd tell him to abck off, but this chav wants a fight. We go a couple of roads, and he’s still going. Just as we near our friend’s house, the chav starts coming in for a proper fight. Typical chav culture, the odd 40 following get out their camera phones. My friend runs like the wind, the chavs eventually leave bored.
Caterham – the s******e. Come at your own risk!

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