Living in Perry Barr, Birmingham

Perry Barr, Birmingham, consists of Asian chavs, fat chav girls in tracksuits & muggers

I really wish i hadn't come to uni here, it's so horrible, it actually makes you feel depressed. Birmingham is the pits.

Living in Walsall

Walsall, there are unfortunately no plus sides to living in this hell hole

Walsall, once thriving Black Country town is now, quite frankly, a chav-ridden wasteland.

Kingshurst- Loser capital of Solihull

Kingshurst- Loser capital of Solihull

Where do I start ? It's so bad, even Chelmsley Wood is embarrassed by Kingshurst ! It is known to the rest of North Solihull as 'Binshurst'.
People here would rather saw off their own



Wednesbury - what can only be called a chav infestation

Often acknowledged as one of the most poor and rancid areas in the country, the West Midlands, like all other

Living in Willenhall

Willenhall: A P***y Paradise

They should put signs up on the outskirts of the town. "Welcome to Willenhall: Arsehole of the West Midlands!"