Ladies and Gentlemen,I introduce to you Utoxeter,a secret den for *****.A little market town in Staffordshire,twined with Roston Vasey! Home to JCB ( Just ***** Babe),Elkes Biscuits(the equivilant of a ***** social club) oh,and **** water. The unfortunate visitor can’t help but notice the strangely high foreheads these ***** have.Worryingly,they all look related! The young […]

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Well, i can’t believe this place hasn’t been mentioned already. As a new mover to the area i was horrified when confronted by a wave wannabe ‘ard’s ******* around the bus station, street corners and anywhere else that allowed the resident **** to congregate. Unfortunately, that seems to be pretty much most places in cannock. […]

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Compared to many towns listed here, not very chavish at all. ( some opinions may vary) BUT possibly a town on the edge of the cliff of Decency ******* on to the last branch of the tree of Reason, poised, legs dangling over the pit of ultimate chavness. In addition to all the usual signs […]

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