Wombourne, the **** of South Staffordshire

Living in Wombourne, Staffordshire

The funny thing about Wombourne is that the people who live there think they are classy and posh because the place is classed as a village, despite containing numerous large housing estates which sprawl around the original village green. Most houses are standard semis, nothing special, but the occupants think they are off Towie or […]

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Burslem, the “Mother” town of Stoke

Burslem, Stoke-on-trent, Property Guide

Burslem, AKA Boslem, to the ‘Mighty Valiants’ (Stone Island wearing, tattooed skin headed Port Vale supporters, with far too much self worth), is probably the WORST town in Stoke. I say “Probably” because the fact is that no one knows anymore, they are all so ****. Boslem, affectionately known as Bosnia, is the hometown of […]

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Of course, who could miss out the glorious town of Stone? Lined by its beautiful canals, fantastic views and pissheads on cheap cider, Stone has an array of wonderful places you can visit. As a tourist, why not visit the local Crown and Anchor (more affectionately known as the C’n’A)?  Serving only the finest cheap […]

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When i moved into penkridge over 15 years ago it was a great little place really friendly with loads of pubs full of occasionally slightly tipsy but wonderful people now its a meca for the **** **** of the area and their everywhere and ahh joy what a brilliant day it is i can hardly […]

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Newcastle-under-Lyme – Sounds nice…Isn’t

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire or Castle as is affectionately called is a **** spotters paradise. Please make the effort to go there on the local town festival *** parade *** piss up *** all out brawl. Watch in awe at the logistics as police barracade side streets… Laugh in derision at local landlords ******** down the outdoor […]

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Stafford truly is the new Crewe and then some!

Living in Stafford, Staffordshire

Stafford truly is the new Crewe – plus some. Perhaps due to its close rail proximity and the lack of fare checking en-route, the Chavtastic culture has taken Stafford by storm. Swelled by ranks of illegal immigrants and ‘bag head’ H addicts from across the country, stepping down in Stafford is like entering a parallel […]

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The species chavus-scumbagus is an extremely interesting subject in this habitat they seem to live primarily upon items stolen from the nearby fish and chip shop and defend their territory of the estates using things stolen from the nearby SPAR shop they are extremely aggressive and often attack any nearby non burberry wearing people with […]

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So what part of Stafford has the most *****? Well there are a few competing areas, most people would in Stafford would automatically single out Highfields and **** capital but my personal vote goes to Moorefields. I have noticed that of the **** areas of Stafford it is the closest to Argos…. Oh come on […]

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