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uxbridge, middlesex

macdonalds, kfc, pavillion shoppin centre, even though no money to buy anything, but there is an indoor market in there selling all the latest fake brands…royals nightclub is a favourite especially on under 18 nights…where many a 13 year old **** gets inpregnated……outside the civic centre waiting for thier mums to sign up to yet […]

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Welcome to Bracknell, just outside of London. A small, narrow-minded and utterly pointless provincial dustbin. A mass construction of ugly grubby council estates and tacky chain shops. Watch the pathetic little ******* **** each other senseless through boredom after 11.30pm when the pubs chuck them all out. Key spots include outside The Point, at the […]

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i am surprised you havent already included Slough, as it is the most ********* town in the west! ok, so not west, as it is in the south east. anyways. Slough is a hugely ****** town where all the ***** tend to congregate on a weekend down Queensmere where they like to ‘go high street’, […]

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Sheerwater woking

This has got to be the number one dumping ground for all the benefit loafs of surrey, a trip down dartmouth avenue will make you realise just how lucky you are only to be driving through this dump. Every street corner is littered with ***** trying their hardest to attract a ********, sporting the usual […]

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Anyone who’s ever visited this little ***** town will tell you that it is the **** capital of the world. Population 10000, 9000 parts ****!! The younger ***** tend to habituate the recreation ground on a friday/saturday evening and you are sure to find a burberry clad ***** choking lying motionless choking on his own […]

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a pesudo-posh market town which is actually a fertile breeding ground for chavdom. **** spotters from far and wide flock to First Bowl (fondly known as Fist Bowl by those in the know) to study ***** aged 15-21 in their natural environment – Ibiza hard house and plenty of pills and cheap lager. Wokingham is […]

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High Wycombe

The lovely town of High Wycombe consists of about six thousand acres, of which 650 are woodland… the rest appears to be the place to be for Buckinghamshire’s **** population. Predictably the town centre is the place to spot most *****. Finding them is not difficult and they can be found quite easily around the […]

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Original Submission by Lorcan Funnily enought, I was home from uni for a few weeks and was (for some unearthly reason) actually looking forward to a few days by the sea…….. Then I parked up, took a quick look in the rear view and what do I see, but 2 ***** in matching white trackies […]

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Original Submission by Aaron I think crawley in sussex is the chaviest town in the uk because whenever you go there all you can see is white trainers burberry caps, ugly ***** munters. It seems you cant turn around without seeing a ***** with nothing better to do but sit around, smoking, drinking, laughing with […]

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Let’s face it, it should win on the name alone! The local ****’s have a unique style. Multiple hoodies are worn by all, even in the summer. Hats are usually white, although blue burberry is prevalent too. They like to wear tracksuit bottoms which are too tight, the bottoms of which they tuck into socks […]

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Original Submission by Snookems I would like to nominate Ashford in kent as **** central.I have lived their in the past and think possibly 90% of people their follow the **** culture.Best spotting points are the ring road around the town,(featured on ITV news when young ***** said they wouldn’t stop racing round it and […]

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