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i cannot believe nobody has put pompey up on this site i have the joy of being a student in this ***** **** hole, oh happy ******* day. i rented a student house and my car got kicked in…mostly when me and my mate were in it. by 14yr old ******* drinking tinnies of stella […]

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_Amid the housing estates in this relatively nice district, a disturbing scurry of thieving identical appearing **** survives and breeds. A nuclear war can’t destroy the ****** you know! There is a little shopping parade where they all surface and congregate in order to drink cans of rat-lager, shout rat-talk and to indulge in rat-spitting […]

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Wood Farm (Oxford)

Situated in the ****-end of Oxford this estate is like a **** academy. In the shadow of the high rise tower block lies a co-op, off license and post office – all the things the aspiring **** needs to be educated. There’s a place to try & get some **** with your fake ID, fresh […]

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Unfortuately, I’m nominating my own town. It’s by far not the worst infected place by the sub culture that is ****-ism, but I feel I have to add my bit here. Estates such as Thornhill, Lordshill, Totton, Northam, Shirley and Millbrook should all have a mention as they are all important to my story. Basically, […]

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Well, Gravesend as a whole is one of Kent’s finest **** establishments (one of the only places more ****** I have found is Broadstairs). Take a walk through the town centre and you will find an abundance of ***** – it’s like being in a zoo. Conversations with many of the locals is challenging to […]

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Tunbridge Wells

The hippies used to congregate at Stonehenge to ‘celebrate’ the summer solstice. The ***** of Tunbridge Wells congregate at the Millenium Clock, Five Ways, every single flipping day, to exchange weed, phlegm and swear words. All 35 of them then squeeze into someone’s prize 1988 Ford Escort “Ghia”, and show off to the world how […]

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The London Borough of Sutton used to be a nice place, for those that can remember the 80’s and early 90’s. Then struck the disease, the infection that is **** culture. Take a strole into the high street at any time and you’ll soon see what I loathe so much about the place. McDonalds is […]

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Bracknell is a teenage mothers dream, with 90% of them “*******” at Macie D’s down the bottom of the highstreet. If your into car modding there is a large branch of halfords near the run down, **** filled cinema which, like wokingham has a fist bowl! The Bridge pub in brackers is the place to […]

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I see Sheerwater in Woking has already had a mention but to really put it into context you have to realise that Sheerwater is just one of a number of rancid ********* which make up the festering pus ridding corpse that is Woking. The town centre is full of the ****. You cannot shop without […]

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If anyone lives here or has been near it you will know what I am talking about! The Town centre if a breeding ground for lesser life forms! Places of interest included the bus stop, skate park and the Farnborough Gate McDonalds that attracts the car krews! Anyone that knows my pain please add to […]

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I am a pervert of the lowest order. Despite being professional, successful man I find myself drawn toward ‘********’ girls. My wife, a beautiful articulate creature who has never worn trainers or Burberry check in her life, would murder me if she knew my longings. I embrace our trips to the Market on Saturday with […]

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