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Dover Lifestyle

Living in Dover, Kent

Open Drug dealing is normally excepted in Dover. Crack and smack are easier to find than a good restaurant. Even the former mayor was filmed enjoying toilet substances. The local authority is [certainly not] considered the most corrupt by other local councils. My son was mugged in a park on camera nothing happened. Girlfriend beaten […]

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Portsmouth: O.M.F.G.

Living in Portsmouth, Hampshire

I’m from a bad estate in a big city and I thought I’d seen it all. Then, one day, I went to Portsmouth. OMFG. Never before in all my years, walking through a city centre in daylight, had I felt intimidated. (Let’s just repeat that fact; it was Saturday afternoon. It was NOT midnight. It […]

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Edenbridge: ruined by riffraff

Living in Edenbridge, Kent

Someone once had a great idea that rather than solve the inner city lack of council housing by rejuvenating derelict pockets in London, because mainly they couldn’t be arsed and wanted to offload the old bigoted flat cap cockney, they decided to spill over the riffraff and insert them into the newly built concrete country […]

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