(553 crimes in May 2022)
Blacklands, Hastings
(553 crimes in May 2022)
Bohemia, Hastings
(465 crimes in May 2022)
Broomsgrove, Hastings
(403 crimes in May 2022)
Belmont, Hastings
(307 crimes in May 2022)
Langney, Eastbourne
(269 crimes in May 2022)
St Leonards, Hastings
(267 crimes in May 2022)
Hollington, Hastings
(223 crimes in May 2022)
Sidley, Rother
(221 crimes in May 2022)
Bexhill, Rother
(219 crimes in May 2022)

New Brighton

A seedy ‘holiday’ resort full of crumbling 1920s buildings and crappy neon light **** hovels. The journey from Liverpool to this ‘end of the line’ **** hangout takes approximately twenty minutes and can at times be a nightmare – especially during the school holidays when the ‘trackie in socks brigade’ and their cola rotten-toothed San […]

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As a resident of Brighton and Hove I happened to spend a very relaxing morning perusing the various stores and shops in Brighton’s North Laines the other weekend. It was wonderful mingling with the cosmopolitan crowd that tends to gather in the city, leafing through second hand books, sipping coffee in one of the many […]

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Well guys, sorry to disappoint any pretentious wannabe Brightonians out there but… Brighton is a Grade ‘A’ s**thole! I’ve been studying in what I first found to be a charming seaside town, full of exchange students and wonderfully intelligent people with ideas to share on life and a high percentage of witty, stimulating conversationalists… then… […]

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Seaford, East Sussex

Seaford is the end of the line, literally. It’s the British rail station where the train goes back the other way when it has dumped its scraggy ***** into this poor excuse of a town. It’s almost as if even British Rail haven’t got the balls to venture any further into the type of town […]

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Bexhill, East Sussex

This town is so bad I moved to another **** hotspot, Keighley, West Yorkshire. It used to be said that the Cinque Port Towns were full of old biddies and old money. This is still true but to a much lesser extent, because as there is no real employment there, the only two options are […]

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post office queue, in the co-op, london road, brighton 2 catagories of person: pensioners = pension ***** = giro top **** hang-out. qualify for **** status, you must: 1 wear as much gold jewellery as possible – preferably 3 or more gold hoops in each ear, lots of chains & 2 or more sovereign rings […]

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Hailsham (East Sussex)

Hailsham war memorial is a magnets for ***** from all over the county of East Sussex. Many a mayfair is smoked by ***** with hair stuck down with “Mega Tub ‘O’ Gel” nicely obscured by the baseball cap. Some local **** language: Alright my chave Dinlow Crank Oi chavie Interesting local **** observations: A hailsham […]

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Original Submission by Lorcan Funnily enought, I was home from uni for a few weeks and was (for some unearthly reason) actually looking forward to a few days by the sea…….. Then I parked up, took a quick look in the rear view and what do I see, but 2 ***** in matching white trackies […]

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