(553 crimes in May 2022)
Blacklands, Hastings
(553 crimes in May 2022)
Bohemia, Hastings
(465 crimes in May 2022)
Broomsgrove, Hastings
(403 crimes in May 2022)
Belmont, Hastings
(307 crimes in May 2022)
Langney, Eastbourne
(269 crimes in May 2022)
St Leonards, Hastings
(267 crimes in May 2022)
Hollington, Hastings
(223 crimes in May 2022)
Sidley, Rother
(221 crimes in May 2022)
Bexhill, Rother
(219 crimes in May 2022)

Eastbourne – A gangster’s view

Living in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Anybody reading this is about to enter the deep dark underbelly that is Eastbourne. Eastbourne is rife with criminal activity including petty theft, loitering, littering and smoking in no smoking zones! Now Compare this with places like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil with its notable ‘Favellas’, with their high crime rate consisting of murder on […]

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Hailsham, East Sussex (****-vil)

UPDATED from http://www.chavtowns.co.uk/2004/12/hailsham-east-sussex/ This town must be the birhtplace of the ****!!! Why??? We have known the “****” word for ages…decades in fact…..it has always been an insult to be called a **** and many a fight has broken out because of it……. Hailsham is very near to Eastbourne, but in terms of **** development…….Hailsham […]

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Eastbourne a **** heaven

Eastbourne? Surely not that sweet seaside town, holiday destination for old lady coach trips.  I’m afraid it’s true, if you scratch the surface of this quaint seaside community you will find a thriving community of useless toe rags commonly known as *****. I’m not getting at poor people who can’t afford decent clothes, homes, cars […]

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why does evry1 mug brighton off if u actually became a **** u wldnt get started on by no1 because u will soon begin to no evry1 if ur hard and not a ***** the only people who get started on are if u think ur solid wen u actually aint and if u give […]

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Ah, good old Uckers. Uckers is a many sided town. On one hand, you have the fat middle aged beer swigging cricket players (but we love them), the fat old aged beer swigging pentioners and on the other, the fat middle aged beer swigging *****. The ***** come in all different shapes and sizes, you […]

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