Glasgow – The Dear Green Teethed Place

Living in Glasgow, Scotland

When I left Glasgow a decade ago, the Ned fashion comprised of a thin nylon tracksuit, trainers and baseball cap worn by a dentally challenged youth scrounging ****, drinking Buckfast and picking fights with strangers (their pack-like nature means that they prefer 10 **** onto one passerby while shouting, as only hypocrites can that don’t […]

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Rutherglen AKA "Ruggy" or "Ruglen" by the locals – possibly due to the ‘unpronouncability’ of Rutherglen after sniffing glue or consuming 4 bottles of Buckfast. First, a warning. The typical Ruggy ned is marginally more difficult to spot than the usual **** *******. The usual ned uniform of Kappa/Adidas is outwith the purchasing power of […]

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"I cannot believe that on a site dedicated to the ****, no mention is made of Scotland’s second city: Glasgow. A city that represents the very cradle of life for the Scottish Ned, when it comes to unattractive social behaviour; what Glasgow is to Scotland, the USA is to the rest of the world. Nedism […]

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Once upon a time in a glaxaxy far far away…. lets cut the **** folks there is a wee “toon” in Scotland called Greenock, now this used to be a decent industrial spot, the promenades beautiful, the flowers, the people, the conversation, then one day……”Aright there hen pass us over the bucky!” Horror followed as […]

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East Kilbride

Property Guide and Review

South Lanarkshire, as a district, arguably constitutes the biggest geographical area inhabited, almost exclusively, by *****. Nevertheless, East Kilbride is the hub of South Lanarkshire and by this reasoning probably represents an international crime ridden epicentre. A government stimulated 1950s ‘new town’ (similar to Cumbernauld), East Kilbride represents all that is wrong with artificial urban […]

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