Worst places to live in Scotland

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  1. Jedburgh


  2. Edinburgh


  3. Alloa


  4. St Andrews

    St Andrews

  5. Living in Saltcoats

    Saltcoats: first thing to hit me was the smell of raw sewage

  6. kirkintilloch


  7. Living in Larkhall, Scotland

    Larkhall mobs are often quiet during the week, the weekend is a different story

  8. Living in Dundee, Scotland

    Dundee has one geological fault, it is above sea level

  9. Living in Dundee, Scotland

    Dundee: There are many attractions for those with a black sense of humour

  10. Living in Paisley, Scotland

    Paisley – what can one say with regard to this “charming” town

  11. Greenock


  12. Living in Mayfield, Scotland

    Mayfield in Scotland is like the seventh circle of Dante’s hell