Living in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Halifax, the locals spoke in grunts and squints

On arrival in Halifax I asked for directions. I soon realised that I would need an interpreter as the locals spoke in grunts and squints.

Living in Bradford

Bradford is the stinking arse crack of Europe

Bradford, in my opinion is the biggest shit stained town in Europe, never mind the UK.

Scarborough (Scarbados, a more positive view)

Scarborough (Scarbados, a more positive view)

Having read a previous article on which can only be described as making scarborough seem like the worse place in the world I have decided to post my own opinions on the town I was born, raised and

Goldthorpe, Bolton-On-Dearne, Wath – Horrific.

Goldthorpe, Bolton-On-Dearne, Wath – Horrific.

Don't do yourself the injustice of coming anywhere near these places. Brain cells fade away, and you come out feeling like a dirtier person

Living in York

To the residents of York that can read

Yorkshire people are said to be the friendliest in the country, haven't met them in York, the locals seem to be belligerent morons.