Living in Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire

Cottingham, we would love our village if it wasn’t so close to Hull

Cottingham, far enough from Hull for the residents to feel superior, but close enough for visitors to realise there's no actual difference.

Living in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Bradford, the land of dreams, if you dream of takeaways & pound shops

It's like a zoo is this place, I mean in your town, people drive around in VWs or Vauxhalls, not around here pal, it strictly donkeys.

Living in Hornsea

Hornsea, a posh town for posh peoples!

Hornsea is filled with hairdressers well practiced in the art of the shampoo & set. They keep the static hairdryer factories in operation.

Harehills, Leeds, one of the worst places to live in Britain

A walk around this fallen idyll reveals takeaways, bookmakers & horrible corner shops. Some so dirty, you need tetanus jab BEFORE going in.

Living in Halifax, West Yorkshire

Halifax, the locals spoke in grunts and squints

On arrival in Halifax I asked for directions. I soon realised that I would need an interpreter as the locals spoke in grunts and squints.