Worst places to live in Hertfordshire

(349 crimes in Feb 2021)
Pin Green, Stevenage
(331 crimes in Feb 2021)
Birchwood, Welwyn Hatfield
(286 crimes in Feb 2021)
Bedwell, Stevenage
(284 crimes in Feb 2021)
Hemel Hempstead
(281 crimes in Feb 2021)
Garston, Watford
(267 crimes in Feb 2021)
Highfield, Dacorum
(265 crimes in Feb 2021)
Cheshunt, Broxbourne
(248 crimes in Feb 2021)
Borehamwood, Hertsmere
(245 crimes in Feb 2021)
North Watford, Watford
(241 crimes in Feb 2021)
Top 10 worst places to live in England 2021

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