Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. Widnes


  2. Cheltenham


  3. Maidenhead (MaidenDEAD)

    Maidenhead (MaidenDEAD)

  4. Wye, Ashford C**v village

    Wye, Ashford C**v village

  5. Chippenham, Wiltshire

    Chippenham, Wiltshire

  6. Kingswood, Hull

    Kingswood, Hull

  7. Bootle, Merseyside, review

    Bootle – The land that time and government forgot

  8. Eastbourne  – A gangsters view

    Eastbourne – A gangsters view

  9. Chatham, Kent

    Chatham, Kent

  10. Hertford


  11. luton


  12. Living in Falmouth

    Falmouth, the worst places have to be Old Hill and Acacia