Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. Living in Castleford, West Yorkshire

    Castleford or Cas-vegas, as it’s known locally and ironically

  2. Living in Swansea

    Swansea ****** City

  3. Torbay


  4. Gosport, Hampshire, Property guide and review

    Gosport, Hampshire, a seaside sh*thole

  5. Bangor City

    Bangor City

  6. Living in Wishaw, Scotland

    Wishaw, what an absolute sh*thole this place is!

  7. Living in Oxford

    Oxford: the ugly truth revealed!

  8. Socio-economic statistics for ellesmere port

    Socio-economic statistics for ellesmere port

  9. Wellington, Telford

    Wellington, Telford

  10. Living in Croeserw

    Croeserw is a place of black, malevolent evil

  11. Widnes


  12. Cheltenham