Worst places to live in United Kingdom

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  1. oh dear Hemel Hempstead

    oh dear Hemel Hempstead

  2. Ilkeston aka Ilson (The S**t Heap of Derbyshire)

  3. Blackburn


  4. Mansfield: a s**t hole

    Mansfield: a s**t hole

  5. Mold, Flintshire

    Mold, Flintshire

  6. Marchwood- ‘Weed Central’

    Marchwood- ‘Weed Central’

  7. Neath Hill, Milton Keynes

    Neath Hill, Milton Keynes

  8. Living in Selby, North Yorkshire

    Selby, it’s a culture shock to anyone from somewhere decent

  9. Living in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

    Bognor Regis is the only place I know that has a clear class divide

  10. Living in Lowestoft, Suffolk

    Lowestoft: the land of gormless men & severely pale and overweight single mothers

  11. Braknel Posse Big Ups Ma Manz!! (Bracknell)

    Braknel Posse Big Ups Ma Manz!! (Bracknell)

  12. Kings Lynn, north lynn

    Kings Lynn, north lynn