Living in Hounslow, West London

Hounslow is looking pretty rough these days

To sum up Hounslow in a few words - Black, bleak, dirty, knackered old dump sitting on the end of one of the worlds busiest runways!

Living in West Drayton, London

West Drayton is one of the biggest sh*tholes around

In Harmondsworth (The posh end of West Drayton)... things are rapidly going downhill.

Living in Hammersmith and Fulham

Hammersmith and Fulham one big f…ing sh** hole

If you love breathing in diesel fumes all day long, then this is the place for you. I would much rather live in Hull than this big fat dump.

Living in Knightsbridge, West London

Knightsbridge or Bugatti chaville!

This place used to be exciting, racy & dare I say classy! Not any more, it is now the home of a serious infestation of petro $$$ chaviness.

Living in Shepherd's Bush, West London

Shepherd’s Bush: the red-headed stepchild that thought it was special

It IS special, but more in the institutional sense of the word. It tries hard to be Notting Hill's cool brother & Camden's cousin but fails.