Living in Clem Attlee Court, Fulham

Clem Attlee Court, Fulham, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters

Clem attlee court, a council estate off of the rubbish laden north end road. A breeding ground for scum and villainy, full of wannabe boxers and gangsters.

Living in Battersea

Battersea, the ghetto of the 80’s!

Ah Ba-a-sea (as we all called it, a local knows it has 2 t's in the name but neither are used)

Living in West Drayton, London

West Drayton is one of the biggest sh*tholes around

In Harmondsworth (The posh end of West Drayton)... things are rapidly going downhill.

Living in Brockley

Brockley: Hipster Dads, Goldsmiths Students, Social Housing Tenants and Dungarees

Brockley, you can’t get on the overground without having your skin exfoliated by the bristles of the creatively bearded.

Living in Leytonstone

Leytonstone prides itself on the large number of fried chicken shops

All in all Leytonstone could be worse, as it is flanked on all sides by areas that all locals know to be far, far worse.