Castle Bromwich/Birmingham

West MidlandsWest Midlands

I grew up in this suburb of Birmingham, which wasn’t to bad till i left in 1996. Went through there on the 966 bus the other week from Chelmsley Wood to Sutton. A load of say 15 ***** got on at Tesco by Castle Bromwich, there was two bus inspectors just asking people kindly where they where going so they can put the destination into their handheld computers. The 15 ***** sat round me but didnt say anything to me, mainly cos i can stand up for myself anyway. They where calling the one conductor a fat **** and was abusing everyone on the bus and a few threw there coke bottle at the other. The where rude and i couldnt believe the ***** that was coming out of their mouths. When they got off at Showcase Cinema’s Erdington apart from 4, they got off acting the blazing squad rudeboys in their mckenzie tops and starting banging on the windows, when they got near me on my own as bus was about to drive off i muttered ******* and stared them out, they ******* themselves cos there wasnt as many of them.
The piss me off the low life piece of *****, and sooner this country gets rid of them the better

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