South East

Am I the only person who lives here whose not a ****?!?
You may think its a step upwards from the volatile Mitchum hoodrat crews, but belive me, carshalton ***** have to be some of the most ******, mentally sub-standard human beings in south east, maybe all of England. i’m talking trisha standards here.
now Carshalton is a small town, more a ‘hamlet’, and theres not many places to hang out. when they’re not cruising sutton high street, 20 minutes up the road, they can be found either at the petrol station, or at the corner of my street.

I am repetedly subjected to such audio visual delights such as endless screaming and animal noises untill the early hours, (adults and children), police being called, the bus shelter being kicked in at least once a day, or the comedy that ensued one saturday night; after hours of shouting, screaming, eminating from a cul-de-sac known as simms close, there came the cry of “she’s been making **** films with her friend! she’s only 15!!!” and then, as if in reply, “I only went out for a mars bar!” pure comedy.
and all at two in the morning…

I think trisha should have a week long special, focussing on the Carshalton massive.
titles could include “i don’t know which cousin I love more”, “I got my sister pregnant”, or “grandma by 15″… hang on, shock horror- “im 18, and STILL not a grandma!”. now that would be a break from the norm…

How grim is your Postcode?

god damn I hate living here…

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